Terms of Service

  1. I give permission for my contact details and program details to be entered into a database to be used by The Active Studio Exercise Physiology and Pilates. This may be used for marketing purpose however no details will be provided to any third party.
  2. We require you to acknowledge that there is an element of risk involved in being involved in any exercise program. Therefore you will not be able to hold The Active Studio Exercise Physiology and Pilates or any of its representatives liable for any injury sustained to yourself in our premises, in online, live or on demand classes and or whilst under our supervision.
  3. Group timetables are subject to change at any point in time.
  4. Online memberships can be cancelled at anytime. No lock in contracts. Payments occur monthly via PayPal or EFT.
  5. Online, live classes will be invoice weekly. Payment is to be made via EFT unless otherwise discussed.
  6. All correspondence should be sent to info@theactivestudio.com.au