This class uses a combination of weights, resistance bands and body weight exercises to help improve muscle strength. This is a whole- body strength-based class where we emphasis maintaining correct technique and learning good functional movement patterns.
$18 per class, $160 for 10 or $190 for 1month unlimited

The goal of this class is to maintain balance and strength into older age, improve mobility and reduce stiffness in joints. We use a combination of hand weights, resistance bands and bodyweight exercises. This class is also the perfect place to start if you are new to exercise and we can help to manage joint and muscle pain.
$18 per class, $160 for 10 or $190 for 1month unlimited

Using Pilates principles this class is performed on your mat. The focus is on core strength, muscle control and flexibility. It is a low impact class (don’t mistake for low intensity) and great for those returning from injury or beginners. It focuses on body weight strength and uses small props (bands, balls and circles) to add that extra challenge. This class is suitable for all abilities. This is a 30minute class.
$10 per class, $90 for 10

A class specific for adolescents who are wanting to learn to use weights properly, get into a good exercise routine or just focus on building strength and fitness. This class is tailored to each individual so is suitable for all fitness and training levels.
$18 per class, $160 for 10 or $190 for 1month unlimited

This is an aerobic focused class performed with the intension to keep your heart rate up and get some cardiovascular benefits. Be ready to get a little sweaty in this one but options are provided for all ages, abilities and fitness ability. You do not have to be highly trained for this class.
$18 per class, $160 for 10 or $190 for 1month unlimited

A pilates based circuit class focusing on whole body strength and control. This class uses a variety of pilates equipment including the reformer and works on core control, postural strength and targets stabilising muscles. You must be able to do some exercises on the ground.
$18 per class, $160 for 10 or $190 for 1month unlimited

Class specifically for athletes wanting to optimise their performance. Whether that be through strength training and barbell focused lifts or through pilates and injury prevention work. We have you covered!
$150 for a 1 month programming block (2 supervised sessions per week)

A class focused on flexibility and creating length through our muscles. This is a low impact flow of static stretches as well as mobility flows. Suitable for all abilities, flexibility and training history.
$10 per class, $90 for 10