At The Active Studio, we strongly believe that EXERCISE IS MEDICINE.

Our Exercise Physiologists study the effect of exercise on the body and the mechanism by which exercise can reduce or reverse disease, support optimal health and wellbeing and aid in recovery from injury or surgery. We are passionate about using exercise to improve your wellbeing and achieving your health related goals. Our specialty is exercise prescription, like a doctor prescribes medication, we help by using physical exercise in the management of chronic health conditions. 

So, what sort of people do we see? In short, EVERYONE! As exercise physiologists we are equipped with the tools and knowledge to be able to use exercise as medicine for a variety of populations. Some of our particular passions include:

  • Injury rehabilitation including post surgical rehabilitation
  • Chronic pain management (lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain etc)
  • Pregnancy and post natal exercise
  • Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis 
  • Exercise for over 50s and seniors 
  • Neurological conditions including MS, CP, Parkinsons, Stroke
  • Women’s health conditions including endometriosis, PCOS, hypothalamic amenorrhea
  • Exercise oncology (through cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship)
  • Pilates and strength training for athletes 
  • People living with disability including autism and intellectual disability, mental health conditions and brain/spinal cord injuries. 

Our Physiotherapists have extensive experience in musculoskeletal and sports injuries as well as chronic pain and  providing diagnosis and  provide a combination of hands on therapy (soft tissue massage, dry needling, manipulation) and specific exercise prescription to deliver the best outcomes. Our physio’s again, can see EVERYONE, however a few of our passions include:

  • Sports injury management
  • Knee injuries
  • Back injuries and chronic back pain
  • Neck and postural related pain including headaches and migraines
  • Post operative rehabilitation and assessment 

Both our exercise physiologists and physiotherapists can see clients through Medicare, DVA, workers compensation, NDIS and private health insurance. 

The Team

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