Exercising in sync with your cycle

Research shows that due to constantly changing hormone levels, women’s strength may be influenced by their menstruation cycle! This means how your body responds and tolerates exercise is going to vary throughout different stages of your cycle so for maximum strength benefit, you should be adapting your exercise routine accordingly. 

What is the Menstrual Cycle?

Your menstrual cycle is a monthly process where your body prepares itself for possible pregnancy. It involves four “phases” which are each accompanied by changes amongst various hormones. 

  • Follicular phase: Increasing oestrogen and normal progesterone and an average body temperature. Energy levels are starting to increase and your mood is increasing
  • Ovulation: Signals the end of the follicular phase and the start of the luteal phase. Oestrogen levels peak immediately before and progesterone levels peak.
  • Luteal phase: Your egg is released in the ovary. Estrogen declines, progesterone increases and our body temperature remains higher than baseline. You may experience “PMS” symptoms; increased fatigue, mood swings, bloating
  • Menstruation: Occurs at the start of the follicular phase

So, how does this affect our exercise routine?

Obviously, EVERY body is different….listen to your body and listen to what it needs. However, here are some generalised considerations to remember throughout the various stages of your cycle.


All too confusing??….. Have a chat with us about how to best optimise your training!!